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Welcome to Life Skills
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Weekly Agenda
I believe that all students with or without disabilities should reach six outcomes by the time they graduate from high school.  These outcomes are establish, maintain, and expand social relationships (particularly with chronologically aged peers), access and use community resources and services, recreate in their community, personally manage for one's self, make lifestyle choices, and work in the community.

These things are all achievable through different means!  A students family plays a huge role in this!! I am a firm believer that parents help their children succeed as much (if not more) than their teachers do. It is important that parents are involved in their child's education and know what is occurring in the classroom!

I also believe in the principle of partial participation.  This means that every student should have the opportunity to participate, even if they may not have the capability to independently participate in the activity.  They should be able to do as much as they can, then have assistance or adaptations made to help them complete the task at hand. 
Daily Schedule
7:40-8:10-Unpack bags, use the restroom, sign in
8:10-8:40-Morning circle
8:45-9:15-Inside recess
9:20-9:40-small group work
9:40-10:00-small group work
10:00-10:20-small group work
10:20-10:40-restroom, transition time
10:40-11:10-individual work at desks (kindergarten to lunch, recess)
11:10-11:20-restroom, get ready for lunch
11:20-12:15-lunch, recess
12:15-1:00-restroom, brush teeth, centers
1:00-1:35-class instruction
1:40-2:35-pack bags, use the restroom, complete classroom chores, snack

*Keep in mind, this is a general schedule for my classroom. It may vary some for individual students.  Also, Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy schedules are not written in.  Those occur every day of the week except on Thursdays.

What do we do in Life Skills
There are lots of things that the students in my class work on.  Each of the things falls under one of the categories: personal management, work/chore, recreation/leisure, and basic skills. 

Personal Management:

Under this category, are activities such as completing a routine, following a schedule, dressing and undressing (buttons, snaps, zippers,etc), using the restroom, various personal hygiene activities.


In this category, we are working on daily classroom chores.  This is something that every class does.  Some of the younger students are working on simple chores such as watering plants, wiping off tables, and replacing lunch sticks.  Some of the older students may work on more difficult life skills chores, such as laundry, dishes, taking out trash, etc.


This category involves activities such as physical exercise (playing on playground equipment, swimming, sports, walking, etc), games/crafts/hobbies (art projects, coloring, painting, puzzles, reading, computer games, board games, etc), and Media (listening to music, playing computer, watching movies - operating dvd and vcr players, etc)

Basic Skills:

The basic skills all involve our academic skills!!  Some items that fall under this category is numbers, counting, measuring, money, alphabet, phonics, writing their names.  It also covers social and communication skills, as well as physical ability to get around (standing, walking, crawling, rolling, jumping, climbing stairs, etc).

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